Near Zero gift ideas for the women in your life

Near Zero gift ideas for the women in your life

Outdoor gear can feel all the same, but we moms and women of Near Zero know that its gear has helped us on trips with family, friends, our kids, and our spouses. On these trips, we're doing our best to keep our kids entertained and energetic while (occasionally) our husband leads the way. During some of these days, we only want to get to our destination, hoping there's a queen-sized bed waiting just for us and even if there isn't a giant queen-sized bed waiting for us, we know Near Zero's ultralight gear helps us feel "near zero" stress on adventures.  

Bringing a giant queen-sized bed is unrealistic because we go camping to get away from that, but we can agree that Near Zero's insulated inflatable sleeping pad is perfect for those chilly nights. The pad is insulated on the top, keeping the cold ground from making us cold, and it weighs just about one pound! Pair it with the NZ 20 Sleeping Bag, and you have a great gift!

Next on our list is The Little DEAN Mini Bundle. It's not just for kids but, in fact, works perfectly for the newbie backpacking women in your life who only want the very basic essentials. It weighs less than 5 lbs, has extra room for kid or mommy necessities, and can be customized if we want to add more gear! 

As a mother, wife and woman, I appreciate the convenience and ease Near Zero's gear provides. The Pocket Fire Bellows helps quickly start a campfire when kids are getting restless, the Hygiene Kit's biodegradable wipes put minds at ease if one accidentally blows away, the Mini Stove is super easy to use and gets cooking done quickly, and the Titanium Shovel is versatile, whether you're cooking on it or using it to dig holes deep enough to keep your campsite clean. With these tools, I feel confident and reassured on our outdoor adventures. 

You really can't go wrong with buying lightweight gear from Near Zero for the women in your life. Their quick-access backpacks help the adventures continue, the lightweight gear helps us outpace the men we love to travel with, and the gear is affordable, durable, and dependable. 

Behind every adventurer was a parent who showed them how great the outdoors could be, and we know many of those were women who did their best to make sure every trip was fun, organized, and comfortable so family and friends could grow closer together in the great outdoors!

Thank you to the mothers in our lives, whether you're an aunt, sister, grandma, friend or literally a mother! Your role in making every trip fun, organized, and comfortable is invaluable. Happy Mother's Day!

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