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From feather-light sleeping bags to ultra-light tents, we’ll help outfit you for the perfect backpacking trip.
Whether it’s the annual hunting week with family, a technical trekking trip with friends, or a solo backpacking weekend to get away from it all,
Near Zero is your one-stop shop for lightweight, affordable tents, sleeping bags, pads, and other equipment.

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I love this tent. Great quality given the light weight. I took it on backpacking trip with my two younger sons and my nephew. All four of us fit comfortably in the tent with some extra room for all of our gear. Can easily fit 3 adults. I love how light it is, super super easy set up/take down. Used it with the footprint. Must buy if wanting to cut down on weight and the flexibility to share with 1-3 other! Excited to only need to back in one tent to fit myself and three kids!


"For three months, my husband and I, along with our five children (ages 8-14) backpacked throughout New Zealand doing all 10 Great Walks, a total of 500 miles. As we prepared for this feat, we knew that in order to be successful, we needed ultra lightweight, dependable and versatile equipment for our children. Hands down, the best piece of equipment we bought was the Near Zero sleeping bag. Not only were the bags compact and lightweight (weighing just 1 pound), they also were warm and comfortable in the backcountry. Even when temperatures dropped into the high 30’s, with a few extra layers of clothing, we were able to stay sufficiently warm at night in our bags. This was especially true on the Franz Josef Glacier. If you are looking for just one piece of equipment that will make your journey a success, the Near Zero NZ ONE bag is it! In fact, it might just save your life, as it did for us in the wind-chilling backcountry of New Zealand.”

Annie Ballard

"Thank you, Near Zero! For years I’ve been hoping for a lower-cost option to the lightweight gear I’ve known is ideal for backpacking but always seems to be out of my price range. I’ve found the answer. My son and I enjoyed the first night in our Near Zero two-man tent, which was easy to set up, and our Near Zero pads and pillows inflated very quickly. Love the design of the tent and especially HOW LIGHT IT IS! Can’t wait to use them again next weekend!"


This shovel is surprisingly light and sturdy. It is easy to pack, unpack and use. Relieved to finally have a lightweight backpacking shovel that actually works. Happy to get rid of our other flimsy or heavy shovels.

Spencer Alldredge