Benefits of Getting Out into Nature Part 4 - Strengthen Your Mind AND Your Body

Benefits of Getting Out into Nature Part 4 - Strengthen Your Mind AND Your Body

This is a multi-part series on the benefits of getting out into nature. Read it quick and then get outside and get some sun on your face! Check out Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3!

Strengthen Your Mind AND Your Body

Hiking, and specifically overnight backpacking, is one of those unique activities for me that strengthens both the mind and the body. Disconnecting from my daily stressors and focusing on the present moment, leads to increased mindfulness and mental clarity. Additionally, hiking provides a great cardiovascular workout and strengthens many different muscle groups, making it a highly effective form of physical fitness.

One of the key benefits of backpacking is its ability to promote mindfulness. I'm able to escape the distractions of daily life and focus solely on my surroundings, including the sights, sounds, and sensations of nature. I love that feeling of disconnecting from the modern world and connecting with nature. I feel like I come away with a better understanding of myself and my own thoughts and emotions.

Even things I don't particularly like to do at home, like cooking (sorry mom), become therapeutic on the trail. Cooking outside, under the stars just hits different than preparing a meal in the kitchen. Maybe I'm just hungrier after a long day of hiking, or maybe it's that I get to skip all the prep work with delicious, freeze-dried meals. Either way, I'm mindful and appreciative of every bite. And clean-up is a breeze when all I have to do is rinse off my spork. (See mom, I do my dishes.)

In terms of physical fitness, hiking can provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. It can help to increase heart rate and improve cardiovascular endurance, which can have a number of benefits for overall health. Additionally, hiking can also provide a full-body workout, strengthening muscles in the legs, core, and upper body. The uneven terrain and changes in elevation also provide a challenging workout for the stabilizing muscles, helping to improve balance and stability.

It's also worth mentioning that hiking can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or just starting out, you can find a hike that suits your level of physical fitness. Additionally, hiking can be performed solo or in groups, making it a fun and social activity.

If you're looking for a new way to improve both your mental and physical well-being, hiking might just be what the doctor ordered, and if you want to experience the bliss of cooking your own food in the great outdoors, check out our full selection of everything you need for your camp kitchen and cooking accessories HERE.

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