Benefits of Getting Out into Nature Part 2: Self-Esteem

Benefits of Getting Out into Nature Part 2: Self-Esteem

This is a multi-part series on the benefits of getting out into nature. Read it quick and then get outside and get some sun on your face!

We've learned in Part 1 that hiking can improve your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety, but did you know it can also increase self-esteem and overall mood by providing a sense of accomplishment

There really isn't anything like the sense of accomplishment I feel when I'm standing on top of a mountain that I've just summitted, and I have everything I need to survive for the next couple of days strapped to my back. Leaving behind screens, technology, our beds and even the roof over our head and stepping into nature awakens senses that have become dulled by everyday routines. Stepping out into nature is the ultimate mood booster!

Sometimes, however, making a goal to get out into nature more seems overwhelming when we don't know where to start or don't have a bottomless budget for ultralight, ultra-expensive gear. That's where Near Zero's bundled backpacks come in. Each bundle comes with THE DEAN™ 50L backpack and a selection of 5, 20, or 30 essential gear items to make your dream trip a reality. That crazy idea you had to park the car and walk into nature for the weekend might not be as far-fetched as you thought! Don't put off that adventure any longer! Near Zero has all the answers you've been looking for at the click of a mouse! Check out our bundles today!

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