How to pack The DEAN

How to pack The DEAN

Our one-of-a-kind backpack, The DEAN, had Dan Becker calling Near Zero “The company that could end his channel.” If you haven’t had a chance to look at it, The DEAN is a backpack with a labeling system, so there’s a spot for everything! On top of that, Scott Jensen, Near Zero’s owner and founder, packs all of the gear into The DEAN and ships it to you, so it’s on your porch ready when you are! But what happens when you’ve taken out all your gear and need to put it back? 

The large front panel: 
Inside The DEAN are labeled areas for your sleeping pad, cookware, sleeping bag, and tent. We suggest placing your tent first in the middle of the pack, then your pad, sleeping bag, and cookware on the sides next to that that (as marked in the backpack with labels provided). The miscellaneous space is great for a mug, (that can also hold smaller items), knife, inflatable pillow, folding chair, footprint, and rain poncho. The DEAN fits most other gear outside the Near Zero brand, and if you already have your way of organizing your pack, the organizational dividers are removable so you can have the quality of our backpack while throwing your taste into it. 

Once all these items are packed, there is still room for clothes and food for an overnight trip. The 55L backpack is the best choice, for additional items space. We suggest packing on top of and near the bottom of the pack. If you need more space for food and clothing for a multi-day trip in the larger pack, you can take out the tent or sleeping pad and attach it to the bottom of the backpack with the included adjustable straps. 

Internal mesh pockets: 
Once the large pocket is taken care of, there are two large internal mesh pockets. These two pockets are great for food, whether it’s freeze-dried food or your favorite meal or snacks.

The exterior of the pack:
On the front is a large stretch mesh pocket that works great for sandals and more clothes. The bungee cords work great for attaching a bear canister or whatever you feel like you may need to grab quickly. There are two smaller pockets zipper on the side where you can put personal items like a phone, wallet, sunscreen, bug repellent, keys, and more, and two additional pockets for water bottles. 

The brain: 
The top of the backpack, or as we like to call it, “the backpack brain,” is a great place to pack other miscellaneous pieces. This pocket is perfect for a first aid kit, fire starter kit, headlight, or anything you need quick access to with labels for these items. 

With The DEAN, we want to give you a backpack that’s ready to go when you are. Easy to pack, easy to access, and lightweight, so nothing is holding you back from exploring this incredible world! 

Need a visual of how The DEAN works? Check out this video for more details. 


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