You'll love what we upgraded in our 1-person tent

You'll love what we upgraded in our 1-person tent

To ensure our customers get the best in ultralight and easiest-to-pack gear, we went even further to make our 1-Person tent even more compact and ventilated but with the same quality you expect from Near Zero. 

So, what did we upgrade? 

Previously, when the tent was compacted down, it measured 20 inches long. Now, the tent compacts down to 15 inches long while keeping the overall pitched size. At its compact size, the tent still weighs 3lbs, so you can expect your pack to feel light with increased room. Additionally, we reinforced the guy-line straps on the rainfly on three sides of the tent, including the vestibule area (near the door). The reinforcement has added tons of inside ventilation and rain protection so the inside of your tent can remain dry while you get a chance to relax and listen to the rain hit your tent. The top of the rainfly also includes a vent for increased airflow up top for increased airflow on the nights you need to air out your smells from your lack of using your hygiene kit

In addition to the compact size, we give customers a compression bag with the tent, to make your tent even more compact when storing it in your pack. The compression bag includes straps to tightly strap your tent and a drawstring and handle for easy transport. The tent also has additional pockets at the foot of the tent and head to store the compression bag while you camp and an additional hook at the top of your tent for an extra lamp or clothes you may need to dry. 

We only plan to improve our gear as the technology allows it, but keep the features our customers love so our gear feels familiar but with advancements. We’re excited to continue to share ultralight gear with experts and novice adventurers so their outdoor adventures are near-zero stress, near-zero weight in the pack, and near-zero effort to put up and take down your tent. 

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  • abdul

    The enhancements made to the tent, particularly the reduction in size while maintaining spaciousness, reinforced guy-line straps for improved ventilation and rain protection, and the inclusion of a compression bag for added compactness, showcase a thoughtful approach to addressing customer needs and preferences. The addition of extra pockets and a hook further enhances convenience and versatility. It’s evident that the company is committed to both innovation and customer satisfaction, making outdoor adventures more enjoyable and hassle-free. For more gear innovations like these, traders can explore the B2B portal TradersFind for a wide range of tents suppliers .

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