Backpacking in Zion National Park With Kids

Backpacking in Zion National Park With Kids

My favorite hobbies have a few things in common: it’s outside, and has some level of physical exertion. Golf and skiing are prime examples. But they are also expensive. There is a category of unicorn activities, and they have 1 more secret ingredient—they are free! Surfing fits here. Once you have a board, you can surf forever!
I grew up surfing, but now I live in Las Vegas and surfing is out of the cards. Enter backpacking and Near Zero. Backpacking ticks all the boxes—outdoors, exercise, free public land. NZO made the start-up cost of ultra-light gear manageable and the gear has worked wonderfully in the backcountry!
I have spent nights in the Spring Mountains of Southern Nevada, Tonto National Forest in Arizona, and Zion National Park in Southern Utah. This gear is LIGHT and packs down super well! On a two-night trip in Zion I was able to pack my clothes, food, and other camp essentials along with the DynaLite two-man tent, two NZO sleeping pads (2 pads fit perfect in the tent and turn the whole floor into a big bed!), a NZO One + sleeping bag into a small backpack.
The friends I was with were envious of my light pack and sleek, easy to set up tent. Honestly, I can’t praise this tent enough. I am 6’ 2” and I comfortably fit inside. On another trip with my brother (also 6’ 2”) and 2-year-old son, the 3 of us were able to sleep inside without any issues. Through some kind of magic,
NZO was able to make practically the entire tent out of mesh. From inside you can see the stars perfectly without any obstructions! I have not slept in the rain yet, but the rain fly keeps the wind out very well on cold nights. Having zipper doors on both sides of the tent was huge when sharing with my brother and son. All of these features and it only weighs 3 pounds! I love it! Seriously, this thing compares to some Big name brands and only costs a fraction of the price.

What to do in Zion National Park With Kids?

Backpacking in Zion National Park With Kids offers many opportunities for families to explore, learn, and connect with the park. Whether hiking on a trail, having a picnic, or attending a ranger-led program you will find something that is great for your family.
Look, I work a desk job and try to find any excuse to get outside. Getting away from town and out under the stars gives me a chance to recharge and realize how comfortable life really is. Backpacking into a remote location makes the experience so much more enjoyable. It gives me exercise and lets me really get away. To make it even better, once you have the gear, it’s almost free. NZO’s affordable ultralight gear helped me get out there! You’ll love it! Give it a try.


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