The Backpack Burden: Knowing When It's Too Heavy

The Backpack Burden: Knowing When It's Too Heavy

Do you remember walking through your college campus or down the halls as an awkward teenager in high school with loads of books dragging you down? We can all agree that those costly books put a lot of unnecessary pressure on our backs and legs, which is why we've made our bundles in a way that keeps that pressure off your body.

The Scoliosis Institute has shared that carrying heavy bags, such as backpacks and suitcases, can strain shoulders, neck, and back. This kind of pressure can cause you to adjust your posture to compensate for the additional weight, which can cause your spine to be out of alignment and wear out muscles, leading to poor posture. And the longer you carry the heavy loads, the more difficult it is to be flexible, have a range of motion, and more, causing an increase in potential injury.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, a backpack should weigh at most 10 - 20% of a person's weight. In 2024, the average weight of a male over 20 is 197 lbs, so your backpack should weigh no more than 20 (19.7) lbs. The average backpacking pack with all the gear you need for a two-day trip weighs 25-30 lbs., but we've worked to ensure that your pack feels lightweight based on the years of experience from Scott Jensen, the brain behind our unique packs.

Near Zero's Ready-2-Go Bundle weighs 18 lbs. with everything in it, just the right weight for the average male. The bundle comes packed so that the weight distribution on the left and right sides is equal, making the backpack perfectly balanced for a comfortable hike. 

The Little DEAN's Mini Bundle weighs just five pounds and is perfectly tailored for your young adventurers. With the average weight of a seven-year-old in the United States being roughly 50 pounds, The Little DEAN is designed to provide a comfortable and safe backpacking experience for your little ones. 

Unlike your books in school, our gear is lightweight and durable, and you'll use it for more than four years. We want your backpack to be manageable and comfortable so your body can last through the years and you can continue to create incredible memories with your friends and family.

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