Fire Safety: How To Properly Extinguish A Campfire

Fire Safety: How To Properly Extinguish A Campfire
Campfires are a very popular camping activity all over the world. It brings joy to the campsite and keeps the wild animals away. But you should know how to extinguish a campfire properly. Otherwise, it can start burning the forest or even another camper. So let’s learn the extinguishing process completely. 

Step-1: Extinguish Using Water
Water helps to put out campfires. So, take a container and fill it full of water. Then pour the water on the campfire. Keep the process running until the hissing of hot ember stops. Never stand on the above or downhill position from the fire.

Step-2: Mix Up Ashes and Amber
Mixing up the ashes and ambers can bring the best result. Take a stick or shovel to mix it up. A shovel can be more effective than a stick.

Step-3: Pour Plenty of Water
Remember, you should keep pouring more and more water on the fire. Make sure that there are no burning embers remaining. A single ember can make the fire start up again, even after you leave your location. So, you should keep the process running and extinguish the fire entirely. If you do not have adequate water, you can use sand or dirt instead of water.

Step-4: Make Sure to Completely Extinguish

How can you make sure that the fire is extinguished completely? First, get closer to the logs and coals. If you don’t feel any radiating heat, then you can touch the embers using the palm of your hand. If you notice something else hot, then pour more water or dirt on it, and continue to stir. This is where a proper shovel can make a big difference.

If there is any stone beside your campfire, then you should make sure that those are cold also after extinguishing the fire.

Camping provides the complete taste of adventure, and a campfire adds great warmth and connection to the experience. But, you should be careful and follow the camping rules and laws. Extinguishing the campfire is one of them. Following the above instructions can help ensure safe camping, prevent wildfires and preserve our beautiful outdoors.
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