Tips for cleaning your tent this spring!

Tips for cleaning your tent this spring!

Unless you’re someone who thrives on cleanliness, sweeping and cleaning out your tent is one of the downsides when returning from an epic backpacking or camping trip. Like you, we’ve cleaned out many tents that had dirt, leaves, mud, kids’ hidden nature treasures, and more in them, and we're providing tips to help you make the chore as seamless as possible. 

The basic steps to cleaning your tent before you pack it up: 

  • Keep nature in nature. Shake off your tent as much as possible and keep the leaves and dirt in their natural habitat. If you have a freestanding tent like all of our tents at Near Zero, keep the poles in, lift the tent, and dump the dirt out with the door open.
  • Dry your tent as much as possible before leaving the campsite; not only can the water damage your tent, but the water can make cleaning it at home more difficult. Hang it up on a safe branch (one that won't cause tares) and do your best to air it out. If it doesn't dry completely, hang it up as soon as you get home to avoid developing mold.  

Cleaning your tent before camping season: 

  • HOT TIP: Don’t EVER Put your tent in a washing machine or dryer. The heat and cycling can damage your tents. 
  • Scrubbing your tent will require a bucket, a scrub, and a patient mind. Fill the bucket with water, and use a scentless and non-detergent soap that won’t remove the waterproof coating. If you remove the waterproof coating, there are waterproof products you can purchase to reapply it. 
  • With a sponge, scrub the tent gently and avoid scrubbing areas too hard to avoid removing the waterproof coating. Once your tent has had its bath, hang it up to dry.  

What if my tent has mold on it? 

  • Find a place where the tent can lay flat in your garage or a dry spot in the yard. HOT TIP: The sun’s UV rays are one of the most natural ways to kill mold. 
  • If your mold is too powerful for the sun, then it’s time to use the vinegar. Mix five cups of hot water with four cups of vinegar. You may need to use a harder scrub if the mold is tough to remove, but once it is, lay it out and wait till it’s dry. 

After doing the hard work to clean your tent, maintain it. Store it in a dry cool place away from moisture and pack it loosely to avoid added damage, then put it in a container to keep it safe. 

Keep an eye out for more camping gear maintenance!

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