Near Zero Featured in Scouting Magazine

Near Zero Featured in Scouting Magazine

Since starting Near Zero, Scott has made sure that Dean, his late father, remains a part of the company since he was a major driver for Scott to make their dream company a reality. The Dean backpack is named after Dean and represents his passion for reliable, ultralight outdoor gear that also helps continue his mission to get people outdoors and find an appreciation for God's creations. Dean shared this love with many Scout Troops, and Scott has continued to do the same with groups around Arizona. 

We were very excited to be featured in Scouting Magazine in August, where our story about how an Eagle Scout, AKA Scott, built Near Zero and how Scouting and Dean’s love for the outdoors was a major part of Near Zero’s inspiration and where Scott learned to find his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Here's a short excerpt from the article: 

"Dean Jensen, an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient and longtime Scouter, instilled a love for the outdoors within his five sons, all of whom earned the Eagle Scout rank. He’d attend every Scouting event, and some campouts were dubbed “Camp Grandpa,” a nod to Dean as he shared his skills and wisdom with Scouts.

His son, Scott, wanted to start an outdoor gear company with his father, but Dean passed away from a heart attack in 2018 at the age of 71. Shortly after Dean’s death, Scott and his family moved to China, where Scott worked as a corporate supply chain director and manager. The outdoor gear company idea didn’t fade away — Scott continued camping and backpacking."

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