Camping in the Rain: Tips for Staying Warm and Safe

Camping in the Rain: Tips for Staying Warm and Safe

No matter how well you plan, rain can find its way into your outdoor adventure. For those seasoned experts, it comes almost naturally to bring extra gear just in case those days hit, but if you didn't and it seems like it may be better to pack up and go home, we have some suggestions to help make those tricky days doable and bearable. 

What to bring (just in case) 

  • A rain poncho
    • We have an awesome rain poncho that comes with our bundle or can be bought separately. Wearing a poncho and being able to move around can keep the fun going and keep you dry. 
  • Extra warm clothes
    • Got some good lookin' long johns you can pack? You likely won't need them during the hot summer months, but if it's a season when mornings and evenings are cold, having an extra pair to keep you warm will be bearable. 
  • Bring your tent stakes and extra ones
    • If your tent isn't made for wind and rain, you'll have many problems. Ensure you have your tent stakes, especially if your tent can handle the elements. 
  • Bring an extra footprint or tarp
    • Did you know you can use an extra footprint to create another shelter? Use it to keep other items that would usually be outside your tent dry. 
  • Some cash and your phone
    • If the weather is too much, and you need to raise the white flag, use that extra cash to find a hotel or motel nearby or another shelter. If you get caught in an emergency, your phone may be your way out. 
  • A first aid kit
    • You never know when you'll need it. The elements can cause your terrain to change, and having an emergency kit could be handy. 
  • A paracord
    • This extra string works excellently as a drying line, helping to secure your tent rain fly.

What to do to make a rainy day fun!

  • Bring games
    • Hanging out in your dry tent and playing card games or board games can create fun memories, even if it wasn't in the plans. But aren't those the best adventures?
  • Create a fun environment 
    • Bring different lighting to lighten your campsite, make shadow puppets on your tent, sing songs, or create random instruments from what you can find. 
  • Time to take out the snacks
    • Make food that's a tradition and pull out some fun snacks, but keep all wrappers and food out of your tent when nighttime comes. 
  • Car camp
    • If your tent can't handle the rain, move the fun to your car (if you can all fit). It wasn't what you had in mind for the great outdoors, but it'll keep you safe from unnecessary dangers. 
  • Create a wet and dry area 
    • Find a place out of your tent to hang wet clothes and muddy boots so they don't get on your dry clothes and gear. 

REMEMBER: Rainy days can also mean flash floods and lightning. If your outdoor adventure becomes too dangerous, pack up and head home. Know your limits and practice safety first. 

If consistent lightning becomes a factor:  

  • Get indoors
  • Don't stand near trees or metal objects
  • Avoid high elevation and get below a tree line
  • Get as low as possible and crouch in the middle of your tent

If you experience a flash flood

  • Leave your camping spot
  • Never attempt to cross a flooded road
  • Void areas subject to flooding
  • Be cautious, especially at night

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